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At Expovina AG, we are firmly committed to promoting and implementing sustainable practices.

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At ExpoVina AG, we are firmly committed to promoting and implementing sustainable practices. Our comprehensive sustainability strategy encompasses the following measures:

Mobility & Climate Protection: Promoting public transportation: We encourage our visitors and staff to use public transportation for their commute, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions from individual vehicles.
Waste Management:

Recycling: We actively promote the recycling of bottles, cardboard, and corks to optimize resource utilization and reduce waste. Our objective is to continuously increase the recycling rate.

Energy and Water:

LED Technology: We utilize energy-efficient LED lighting systems to reduce power consumption and decrease CO2 emissions. In doing so, we actively contribute to climate protection and promote energy efficiency.

Light Management: At our events, we prioritize intelligent light management to optimize energy consumption. By strategically implementing lighting technologies, we actively reduce our ecological footprint.

Water and Energy Efficiency: We embrace water and energy-efficient systems to decrease consumption and promote sustainable resource utilization. Through the utilization of efficient technologies, we contribute to environmental protection.

Procurement & Materials:

Use of sustainable wood for stand construction: We prioritize the use of sustainably sourced wood for our stand construction, in order to conserve resources and minimize environmental impact.

Use of eco-friendly printing materials: Our goal is to utilize eco-friendly printing materials that are recyclable or sourced from sustainable origins. This enables us to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Seasonal and Local Catering:

Adjustment of Food Concepts: We continuously adapt our food concepts to offer a variety of sustainable options. Our special focus lies on vegan dishes and other environmentally friendly dietary choices.


Awareness and Education: We strive to raise awareness about sustainability issues and inform our employees and visitors about sustainable practices and solutions.

Social Responsibility:

Collaboration with sustainable suppliers: We prioritize working with suppliers who promote environmentally friendly practices and ethical standards. Through our partnerships, we contribute to building a sustainable and socially responsible supply chain.