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Welcome to the Expovina Team, where passion for wine, boundless creativity, and a drive for action come together! We lead and organize the events under Expovina AG.

Expovina Über uns


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    2022 - Aroma AG becomes the new proprietor.

    After 68 years under the ownership of the Sauter family, the Expovina wine exhibition is being sold. The long-standing implementation partner, Aroma, will become the new owner.

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    Not only has the number of exhibition ships, stands, and wines increased over the past few decades, but also the diversity of wine types and countries represented on board. The growing market openness, generational shift within Swiss production, and increasing mobility of consumers have fundamentally changed supply and demand.

    The assortment showcased on the wine ships by trade and production reflects this evolution. New varieties, daring experiments, "modern" styles, and unknown origins have complemented the traditional wine palette since the early 1980s. Overseas takes the lead, followed by wines from Southeast Europe and Asia. Since the beginning of the 21st century, nearly the entire wine world gathers at EXPOVINA, with Swiss wine still at its core, just as it was 60 years ago.

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    1960s - SURGE IN THE 60s

    In the 1960s, the EXPOVINA experienced a remarkable boom: in 1962, there were two ships in operation, and by 1964, the number had already risen to six! Back then, 66 producers and wine merchants showcased approximately 600 wines. The international presence in 1964 included wines from 10 countries, encompassing all the traditional wine regions that are renowned in the Swiss market today. Interestingly, Germany offered a surprisingly wide selection until the late 1970s. By 1981, 11 EXPOVINA ships were already anchored in Zurich's "wine harbor," and by the year 2000, the fleet had reached a dozen. Due to the size limitations of the docking area at Bürkliplatz, further expansion of the wine ships is not possible. Today, visitors are offered the opportunity to sample, compare, and purchase over 4,000 wines at 170 booths.tion, zum Vergleich und zum Kauf offeriert.

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    1950s - DAS WYSCHIFF

    It all started in the early 1950s when the new "Linth," the first "Wyschiff," docked at the old pier near Zurich's Bürkliplatz. The fascinating idea of the founder of the Zurich Wine Exhibition, J. F. Sauter, had come to life. EXPOVINA was born. Around 6,000 curious individuals ventured on board the new "Linth" to explore the relatively small wine world of Europe, which was still in its infancy 60 years ago. Today, visiting the wine ships and immersing oneself in the vast world of wine has become an annual tradition for over 70,000 wine enthusiasts.

    Around 20 wine and spirits merchants dared to take the leap into the unknown. They had come from all over Switzerland to the shores of Lake Zurich, with the majority coming from the French-speaking region. On board the new "Linth," consumers were given the opportunity for the first time to taste wines and spirits from various producers and merchants at a specially created exhibition. An absolute innovation! Wine tastings were practically only possible for wine enthusiasts during visits to wineries back then. The transmission of wine information through personal tastings and conversations with experts has remained the central focus of EXPOVINA to this day.

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